Welcome to Fresh Mart Fresh Mart is an online grocery shop for safe food products in Bangladesh. Safe food does not imply high prices. Fresh Mart strives to provide all your daily needs at affordable prices. At a time, we ensure that the farmers are paid a fair price for their harvests. With the single-line supply chain eliminating middlemen, we are trying to curb the safe food price to a reasonable level without compromising the quality.

Fresh Mart has joined this market during the COVID-19 pandemic with 43 existing safe food stores. The tagline ‘Feeding Fair Food’ reflects that Fresh Mart is not only fair to the customers but also the producers. In the last five months, we have brought over 300 safe grocery products to the table and served more than 3,000 orders in the capital and near cities. In terms of revenue and profit, we have 2x growth every month and our sales stood at $300,000 in August 2020. With this promising boom, we target to serve the whole country in two years; also, to upturn as the top wholesale supplier of safe products and proceed to export.

Fresh Mart is a locally owned company that has grown as the extended territory of Oporajeo Agro. You may be aware that Oporajeo Agro has been in the wholesale markets of Bangladesh for the last three years, mainly supplies rice and seasonal fruits. We in the Oporajeo Agro have already grouped a large producer base for safe cultivation and gained the market’s confidence as a trusted seller. Fresh Mart is utilizing the full portfolio of Oporajeo Agro and has been on trial run from March 2020. Carrying the motto ‘safe products, at affordable prices’ forward, Fresh Mart awaits to meet you in the market.